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Our services

We provide a full suite of services and treatments related to all your (a) Speech-Language, Cognitive Communication, (b) Feeding and Swallowing needs. In addition, we also provide Consultation services related to your needs... 
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We offer comprehensive assessment and treatments to help facilitate infants, childern and adults with all of their Speech-Language and Cognitive Communication needs.


Our experts provide services related to...

- Speech Articulation / Phonology

- Motor speech production

- Receptive and expressive language 

- Cognitive communication increase independence and improve their quality of living.

Feeding and Swallowing disorders can have a direct relation with an individuals physical and cognitive health. We offer comprehensive assessment for pediatric and adult patient populations related to their feeding and swallowing abilities and design individualized treatments to serve their specific needs.


Receiving timely and approcpriate can significanlty improve ones health and quality of life. 

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