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Feeding and Swallowing - assessment and treatments

At Global Speech and Swallow, our team of experts arfe well qualified to address your comprehensive feeding and swallowing needs. We understand how complex one's feeding/swallowing challenges may be, which is why we complete a full assessment of your needs and develop a customized solutions only for you...

Samantha Jones, Project Manager

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We offer the following services for multilingual patients for patients from different age groups (infants, children and adults) 
Pre-assessment services: Before we just into our services, we provide a free pre-assessment to ensure your needs are related to the services we offer. This allows us to conduct the right assessment and not waste your time and efforts. 
  • Free Online / Telephone screening: A member of our team will communicate with you via e-mail and/or phone to gather information to assist in deciding what services are most suitable for your individual needs
  • Thorough case history review: Our professional Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP) will review any pertinent previous medical/social history via written documentation (as available) and spend time with you or the patient's family/primary caregiver to gain understanding into each individual's current needs/abilities and gain a view of the overall challenges being faced  
  • Oral Mechanism ​Examination: A thorough examination of all of the structures used for speech and swallowing MOVE TO COMPREHENSIVE ASSMNT 
Comprehensive assesssment:  
  • Clinical Swallow Evaluation- includes small trials of various amounts and presentations of food and liquid to determine current swallow functional status, determine the safety of swallow/risk for possible aspiration, determine most appropriate diet, and determine potential compensatory strategies/swallowing guidelines
  • Feeding Evaluation (infants/pedatrics)- thorough clinical observation of one's respiratory support/body mechanics/oral motor coordination and functioning, includes thorough investigation of individual's food/liquid repertoire, observation of potential behavioral feeding issues
Post assessment review: Once our experts have conducted a comprehensive assessment, we will review our observations with you to discuss the possible alternatives. 
  • Discussion of the proposed treatment plan: customize a treatment plan based on  the results/recommendations of the assessment and the patient/family's needs with regard to the approaches taken in treatment and flexibility of scheduling, location[multiple office locations across Chicagoland], method [individual vs group, in-person vs via web/video-conferencing] 
  • Referrlas to other appropriate healthcare professionals: If our assessment indicates a need for other healthcare services in addition to Speech-Language Pathology services, we will provide you with resources and assist in arranging a visit with the appropriate healthcare professional for you to optomize your healthcare solutions. 
Individualized treatment for you needs: Our professionals utilize the most evidence-based treatments to address the assessed needs. Using the latest approaches, practical tools customized for your needs, helps us deliver the right treatment for the improvment of your condition.  
-We construct treatment plans based on each individual's needs related to possible feeding/swallowing difficulty due to behavioral feeding/oral aversion, immature feeding skills in premature infants, swallowing difficulty (dysphagia) in childen and adults followig injury/disease including (but not limited to) stroke, neurological disorders such as Multiple Scelerosis, Parkinson's Disease,etc.
Post treatment follow-up: At Global Speech and Swallow, we do not feel our services ends when the treatment id provided to our patients. Indeed, we feel thats a beginning of the journey, as we continue to support you on an ongoin basis. We follow up with you to check in on your wekk being and ensure we are always here for you, to answer any questions or concerns over the phone... we are just a phone call away !!!
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