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We provide premier, comprehensive evaluation and treatment for a wide variety of speech, language, cognitive-communicative, feeding/swallowing, and voice-airway disorders.

Our specialty is in providing comprehensive services in a multilingual setting [English, Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish, Urdu at this time] to a wide range of ages from infants to seniors based on years of clinical and academic experience. We pride ourselves on using evidence-based, functional/practical approaches with the goal of improving one's quality of life. 

Speech-Language /


We offer comprehensive assessment and treatment to help facilitate Speech-Language/Cognitive-Communicative needs of children and adults .

Our experts provide services related to...


- Speech Articulation / Phonology

- Motor Speech Production/Fluency

[Examples include: Apraxia, Dysarthria, Stuttering]


[Examples include: Vocal Abuse, Vocal Cord Dysfunction/Paradoxical Vocal Fold Motion,]

- Receptive and Expressive Language [Examples include: Early Intervention, Language Delay, Aphasia, Reading issues, Writing issues]

- Cognitive-Communication

[Examples include : Executive Functioning, Attention, Memory, Problem Solving/Organizing/Planning, Reasoning/Judgement] increase independence and improve their quality of living.

Feeding and Swallowing


Feeding and Swallowing disorders can have a direct relation with an individual's physical and cognitive health and wellness. We offer comprehensive assessments for infant, pediatric, and adult patient populations related to their feeding and swallowing abilities. We design evidence-based, results driven, customized treatment plans to serve each individual's specific needs.

Whether it be an infant that was born prematurely who needs help in feeding from a bottle safely and effectively, a child that is a 'picky eater' or has developed an oral aversion to certain foods, or an adult that is having swallowing difficulty (Dysphagia) after  suffering from a stroke or from a certain disease, we have the tools and knowledge to appropriately assess and treat these feeding/swallowing challenges with the  highest standard of evidence-based, functional/practical solutions to improve the quality of life of these individuals.  

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